Father’s Day

Father’s Day approaches.

Most of the data we at the National Center for Health Statistics have on fathers is found in our National Vital Statistics Report Births: Final Data for 2004.

The birth rate per 1,000 men aged 15–54 years was 48.8 in 2004, slightly lower than the rate in 2003 (48.9), but higher than the all-time low of 48.4 reported in 2002 (Table 21). The birth rate for males aged 15–19 years was 17.0 in 2004, essentially unchanged from the all-time low of 16.9 in 2003. Between 2003 and 2004 rates declined for men in their twenties, but increased for men aged 30–49 years. Rates for men aged 50 years and over were essentially unchanged.

We also have an interesting matrix tracing the age of father vs age of mother for teen mothers from 1990 through 2003.  

The Census Bureau has a lot of interesting factoids concerning fathers.

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