ER Visits by Persons Recently Discharged from U.S Hospitals

August 1, 2008

Approximately  2.3 million ED visits (2.0 percent of all visits) were made by persons who had been hospitalized with the last 7 days. This corresponds to 68 ED visits per 1,000 live hospital discharges. About 10 percent of patients at these ED visits presented with medical or surgical complications that may have been related to their recent hospitalization.

Uninsured persons were nearly three times as likely as those privately insured to make an ED visit follwing hospital discharge. You can read more on here.

Unites States Decennial Life Tables for 1999-2001

August 1, 2008

In 1999-2001, life expectancy at birth was 76.83 years for the total U.S. population, representing an increase of 27.59 years from a life expectancy of 49.24 years in 1900. Between 1900 and 2000, life expectancy increased by 40.08 years for black females( from 35.04 to 75.12), by 35.54 years for black males (from 32.54 to 68.08), by 28.89 years for white females (from 51.08 to 79.97), and by 26.51 years for white males (from 48.23 to 74.74). You can access the full report here.

Hospital Discharge Survey: 2006

August 1, 2008

In 2006, there were an estimated 34.9 million hospital discharges, this number does not include newborn infants. Fifty-eight percent of all discharges were hospitalized 3 days or less. The rate of coronary hospitalizations for coronary atherosclerosis for all age groups, especially those aged 65 years and over, has declined since 2002. Read the full report here.