Smoking on the Decline, Data From the 2012 National Health Interview Survey Show

Fewer than 1 in 5 American adults now smoke, according to new data just released from the 2012 National Health Interview Survey (NHIS). An estimated 18% of people in the U.S. age 18 and over are current smokers, down significantly from the 25% who were smokers a decade and a half ago – and down dramatically from the 42% who smoked back in 1965.

The new smoking data are one of 15 selected health measures featured in the latest Early Release of data from the NHIS, which presents estimates from 1997 through 2011 for comparison. These 15 measures are updated quarterly, and are featured in the latest edition of “Stat Line.”

Please click here to see the early release measures that are also listed below.

Complete copy of release Adobe PDF file [PDF – 947 KB] (6/18/2013)

  1. Lack of health insurance coverage and type of coverage
  2. Usual place to go for medical care
  3. Obtaining needed medical care
  4. Receipt of influenza vaccination
  5. Receipt of pneumococcal vaccination
  6. Obesity
  7. Leisure-time physical activity
  8. Current smoking
  9. Alcohol consumption
  10. Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) testing
  11. General health status
  12. Personal care needs
  13. Serious psychological distress
  14. Diagnosed diabetes
  15. Asthma episodes and current asthma

List of Early Releases


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