Fewer Women Seeking Help for Infertility

A new report from NCHS presents nationally representative estimates and trends for infertility service use among women aged 15–44 and 25–44 in the United States in 1982–2010. While greater detail on types of infertility service is shown for women, basic data on types of infertility service use, as reported by men aged 25–44, are also presented.

Key Findings from the Report:

• 12% of women aged 15–44 in 2006–2010 (7.3 million women), or their husbands or partners, had ever used infertility services.

• Among women aged 25–44, 17% (6.9 million) had ever used any infertility service, a significant decrease from 20% in 1995.

• In all survey years, ever-use of medical help to get pregnant was highest among older and nulliparous women, non-Hispanic white women, women with current fertility problems, and women with higher levels of education and household income.

• The most commonly used infertility services among women aged 25–44 in 2006–2010 were advice, testing, medical help to prevent miscarriage, and ovulation drugs. Ever-use of infertility services was reported.

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