Statcast – October through December 2013

Welcome to Statcast.
Quarterly highlights from the National Center for Health Statistics
This edition covers October through December of 2013
In October, a new release have data showed that nearly 35 percent of American adults were obese in 2012
Up slightly from 30 percent a decade before
New data also showed 13 percent of American adults had high cholesterol in 2012
A continued decline from the 1970s
NCHS also released the latest estimates on hypertension in the US approximately thirty percent of adults had hypertension in 2012
Virtually the same percent as a decade before
An October 4th Quickstat by Charlotte Schoenborn looked at the percentage a young adults who have never smoked cigarettes
Over the past 14 years the percentage of young adults who have never smoked cigarettes increased from 65 percent to 76 percent
Young women were more likely to have never smoked then young man
In December 2013, NCHS released its half-year estimates on the number and percent of Americans without health insurance
During the first six months of 2013 over 45 million people or 14.6 percent of the population did not have health insurance and 18 percent reported they did not have insurance for at least part of the past year
These percentages are virtually the same as a decade before
Suicides are more common during the holidays or winter months?
Answer. Fiction. Suicides actually occur more frequently during the late spring and summer months
The past 12 years available data show that during May to August there were an average up almost ninety four suicides per day
Compared to almost eighty-six per day in November through February
This has been another edition of statcast. Quarterly highlights from the National Center for Health Statistics.

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