QuickStats: Percentage of Men Aged 25–74 Years Who Consume 15 or More Alcoholic Drinks Per Week

During 2011–2013, male veterans aged 25–74 years were more likely to consume an average of 15 or more alcoholic drinks per week in the last year (“heavy drinking”) compared with nonveterans (7% versus 5%).

Among men aged 25–34 years, the proportion of veterans who were heavy drinkers was 9%, higher than the 6% observed in nonveterans. Similarly, veterans were more likely than nonveterans to be heavy drinkers among men aged 55–64 years (7% versus 5%) and men aged 65–74 years (7% versus 4%).

There was no significant difference in the proportion of veterans compared with nonveterans who were heavy drinkers among men aged 35–44 years or men aged 45–54 years.


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