Injury Mortality: United States, 1999–2014

NCHS has released new data visualization that depicts injury mortality in the United States from 1999 through 2014.

This storyboard allows the user to select subcategories of injury deaths based on intent and mechanism of injury.

Numbers and rates are provided for the subcategory selected by the user.

The storyboard includes six dashboards. Deaths can be grouped or separated by mechanism of injury, intent of injury, and selected demographics (sex, age group, race and Hispanic origin).

Drop-down boxes across the top of the dashboard control the display of the entire visualization. The dashboards feature:

Rates: Line charts displaying trends for injury death rates. Both fixed and dynamic scale line charts are provided. The fixed scale line chart allows the user to see changes in rates relative to a predefined y-axis, while the dynamic scale line chart adjusts to maximize the visualization of the trend for the options selected. A dialog box on the left of the dashboard allows the user to select among several options for the range of y-axis values used in the fixed scale line chart.

Numbers of deaths: A table describes numbers of injury deaths for selections made at the top of the visualization.

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