No New Timeline for Brockton Hospital’s Reopening After Fire

Signature Healthcare provided an update on Wednesday regarding the reopening of Brockton Hospital over a year after it endured a 9-alarm transformer fire. The healthcare company says they’re working to improve critical areas of the building’s infrastructure, including significant upgrades to the HVAC system.

According to authorities, the procurement process for installing the units in most inpatient rooms is underway.

“The diligent testing of the hospital’s 250,000-square-foot facility has resulted in vast improvements, and underscores our commitment to patient safety and high standards of care,” Signature Healthcare said in a press release.

They say they will continue to keep the community informed on their progress and will provide an update on the reopening date as soon as they have a confirmed timeline.

“We thank our patients, staff and the community for their continued patience and support during this essential repair and upgrade process,” said Robert Haffey, CEO and President of Signature Healthcare.

brockton hospital robert haffey CEO

“We will be back stronger, healthier and better than ever!”

In February 2023, an electrical fire broke out at the hospital prompting hundreds of patients to be evacuated and a large emergency response. The hospital has been closed ever since.

When will Brockton Hospital reopen for good?

“Diligent testing” of the quarter-million-square-foot Brockton Hospital uncovered the problems with the new HVAC equipment, the hospital said. “The procurement process for these units is underway, though the installation, testing, and inspection timeline is still being determined,” hospital leaders said in an emailed statement.

Brockton Hospital’s vice president for communications and marketing, Lorraine McGrath, said it would be “irresponsible” to confirm a timeline until then.

“We are continuing to evaluate all floors, all rooms, and all equipment,” McGrath said. “Most of this has been idle for the past 15 months and now can be evaluated and tested as the new electrical infrastructure has been installed, inspected, and operational. We don’t know what we will find in addition to HVAC units in patient rooms if anything.  We need additional time to evaluate the entire building.”

Brockton Hospital has been largely closed since a Feb. 7, 2023 electrical fire forced a massive evacuation. and shut-down. Some hospital services have already restarted.

In meantime, three urgent care centers are available

In addition, Signature has opened three new “urgent care” centers. These aren’t hospitals, but they are equipped to handle illnesses and minor injuries. The urgent care center on the Brockton Hospital campus at 650 Centre St. is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The urgent care center at 110 Liberty St. in Brockton is also open every day but from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Another Signature urgent care center is open every day except Sundays at 1 Donald’s Way in East Bridgewater. The urgent care centers will stay open after Brockton Hospital is back to 100% capacity, Signature said.

The CEO and president of Signature Healthcare, Robert Haffey, thanked patients, staff and residents for their continued patience.

“We will be back stronger, healthier and better than ever!” Haffey said.

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Revised Brockton Hospital reopening timeline

  • Tuesday, Feb. 7: 10-alarm fire forces evacuation and closing
  • August 2023: Partial reopening for wound care and infusion therapy
  • September 2023: Outpatient surgeries and colonoscopies resumed
  • June 2024: Laboratory services expected to reopen.
  • Between lab services restarting and full reopening: Radiology services to begin again
  • 2024: Full service, including inpatient care and emergency department

Source: Signature Healthcare executives, News Boston