How Much Protein Do Adults Really Need Daily?

How Much Protein Do Adults Really Need Daily?

Protein is essential for our bodies. It helps build muscle, hair, blood, and connective tissues, and it’s crucial for making antibodies and enzymes. Without enough protein, we simply can’t function properly. But how do you know if you’re getting enough protein in your diet? Today, we’ll chat about how much protein adults really need and … Read more

Why Detroit’s Population Growth in 2023 is a Big Deal

According to new Census Bureau estimates, Detroit’s population grew in 2023, increasing to 633,218 from 631,366. This is significant for a city that has been losing residents for decades due to the decline of the auto industry, suburban migration, and municipal bankruptcy. The new estimates also show that many large cities in the Midwest and … Read more

New Sentara Wellness Center Aims to Enhance Community Health

Sentara Wellness Center downtown Charlottesville

Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital is expanding its services. A new Community Health and Wellness Center is being built in downtown Charlottesville, at 920 East High Street. “We wanted to bring a space that is going to be social cohesion for the community,” Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital Community Benefits Manager Tameka Irving said. In the new … Read more

No New Timeline for Brockton Hospital’s Reopening After Fire

Signature Healthcare provided an update on Wednesday regarding the reopening of Brockton Hospital over a year after it endured a 9-alarm transformer fire. The healthcare company says they’re working to improve critical areas of the building’s infrastructure, including significant upgrades to the HVAC system. According to authorities, the procurement process for installing the units in … Read more

Top 11 Causes of Mortality in Florida

Doctors operating on a table in hospital with sanitary equipment

You live in Florida, the Sunshine State. It’s a place known for its beautiful beaches and fun-filled lifestyle. But behind the scenes, some serious health issues are affecting the people here. Let’s take a closer look at the Top Causes of Mortality in Florida and what you can do to stay healthy. 11. Heart disease … Read more