What Is the Risk of Death from an Angiogram Procedure?

Risk of Death from an Angiogram Procedure

If you’ve been told you need an angiogram, you might feel a mix of anxiety and curiosity. An angiogram, also known as cardiac catheterization, is a common medical procedure. In fact, it’s performed more than 1,000,000 times each year in the United States alone. With such a high number of procedures, you might wonder about … Read more

California Population 2023 – 5 Regions with the Largest Increases

Population Growth in California

California’s population growth has been influenced by various factors, including immigration, natural population increases, and housing developments. According to the California Department of Finance, the state’s population grew by 67,000 people last year, bringing the total to 39,128,162. This growth marks a positive trend after several years of population decline. 4 Factors Influencing Population Growth … Read more